A Geovariances consultant will speak at the Datamine user conferences in Johannesburg (May 15-17) and Jakarta (June 4-6).

May 7, 2024

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from Roberto Rolo, Geovariances senior consultant! Attend his presentation on a cutting-edge workflow for multivariate simulation of categorical and continuous variables. He will also be leading workshops on mineral resource estimation with Isatis.neo and integrating Python coding into Isatis.neo scripts.


Get expert insights from Geovariances consultant Roberto Rolo at upcoming Datamine user conferences through workshops and presentations:

  • In Johannesburg from May 15 to 17.
    He will lead a 2-hour workshop about “Isatis.neo scripting”, giving an overview of Isatis.neo scripting and Python integration through practical demonstrations.
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  • In Jakarta from June 4 to 6.
    He will present a case study on a categorical and continuous variable multivariate simulation workflow where categorical variables were simulated using PGS, and chemical and granulometric variables with sum constraints using PPMT and TBS.
    He will also conduct a 6-hour workshop on “Mineral Resource Estimation with Isatis.neo”, using a lateritic nickel deposit as a case study.
    👉 More info on the conference