Geostatistics and Kartotrak in the spotlight during Intersol 2018

February 19, 2018

Two papers of interest for those who want to know more about geostatistics use and added-value are to be presented during Intersol 2018

Tuesday March 27, 2018
Session B – SIG et outils géostatistiques / GIS and geostatistical tools

14h40 – 15h00

Geostatistical mapping of health risks when regenerating contaminated sites. Methodological study and implementation conditions (Cartorisk project)

La cartographie géostatistique des risques sanitaires dans la reconversion des friches. Etude méthodologique et conditions de mise en œuvre opérationnelle (Projet Cartorisk)

Hélène Demougeot-Renard, Directrice – Eode (Suisse)

Cartorisk is an Ademe-funded project, the objective of which is to provide city planners or real estate companies with tools for health risk estimation. These tools would help them better evaluate and plan the work needed to develop or clean up a site according to redevelopment objectives (e.g. parking, kindergarden). Geovariances is involved in Cartorisk in partnership with eOde, Element Terre and Ginger Burgeap.

Download full abstract (only in French) →

15h00 – 15h20

Integrated implementation of the environmental database platform EQuIS and the geostatistical software Kartotrak to perform pollution characterization and to design the remediation of industrial sites

Utilisation intégrée de la plateforme de gestion de données environnementales EQuIS et de la solution logicielle Kartotrak pour la caractérisation des pollutions et le dimensionnement des travaux de réhabilitation sur les sites industriels

Yoelma Rodriguez Dartois, Senior GIS Consultant – Ramboll

Download full abstract (only in French) →

Intersol 2018 will also be the opportunity to meet our team and learn more about our software solution Kartotrak for contamination characterization and the consulting services we provide.