Geovariances has been actively involved in EPRI geostatistics guide

October 19, 2017

In 2016, the American EPRI published a guide for using geostatistics in developing a site final status survey program for plant decommissioning. This report examines the use of geostatistical approaches that exploit spatial relationships to develop a three-dimensional contamination map based on measurement results from discrete points.

The report presents a conceptual overview of geostatistics, applications of geostatistics outside of nuclear site decommissioning, applications of geostatistics specific to nuclear site decommissioning, and software products for automating geostatistical analysis. The applications are presented in the form of case studies that illustrate key concepts and potential challenges. The concluding section of this report distills the preceding sections into guidance for using geostatistics in support of nuclear site decommissioning and final status survey.

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