Improve your site understanding with Kartotrak borehole logs

March 13, 2018

Data quality control and validation is the primary step of a contaminated site study. It ensures the reliability of the global project and makes project engineers more confident in their decision-making.

Kartotrak logs

Kartotrak offers numerous easy-to-use visual and statistical tools for thorough data analysis. ThisĀ helps users to better understand data and detect possible anomalies. Among these features, displaying logs to visualize results along cores is very helpful.

Logs in Kartotrak enable the investigation of the contamination variation within vertical profiles. They also make it easy to check borehole log data sheets in a visual way and to enrich them by adding the labo-analysed values.

So, you immediately identify the main levels impacted by pollution and achieve a first spatial analysis by comparing pairs or groups of boreholes. Adding lithology information, or any other variable, you easily identify link and correlation with the site geology and environment parameters.

It significantly helps a better understanding of the pollution and then its geostatistical modelling.