Dr. Abani Samal will use Isatis during his geostatistics short course with SME

February 8, 2018

Geovariances is pleased to provide Isatis licenses to all participants of Dr. Abani Samal's geostatistics short course at SME Annual Conference which will take place in two weeks in Minneapolis.

Dr. Abani R. Samal is a qualified person, expert among other in mineral deposit evaluation, resource estimation and advanced geostatistics analysis, and an Isatis’ user for almost 20 years! He will conduct a short course on February 24-25 during SME Annual Conference in Minneapolis:

Application of geostatistics in mineral resource estimation for improving confidence

The program will feature the live demonstration of Isatis and allow participants to use the software free of cost for a limited time after the course.

To know more about the short course or to register

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