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January 15, 2017

Factorial kriging was the hot subject these past months. Geovariances has conducted a geostatistic filtering project for an Oil & Gas company in Australia and organized a successful live online training for Petrobras in Brazil.

Example before/after of a synthetical case of filtering with Isatis used during the live online training for Petrobras.

Geovariances has conducted a geostatistic filtering project for an Oil & Gas company

This past summer, Geovariances has conducted a project for an Oil & Gas company whose objective was to get a consistent model of velocity distribution at regional scale corresponding to an offshore area in south East Asia by merging several seismic cubes.

These velocity cubes have been first filtered, using geostatistical filtering methodology, to remove noise and footprints. Then, DIX formula has been applied on some cubes to ensure that the same velocity type is defined in all the cubes. In the end, the cubes have been merged by kriging, while accounting for varying levels of confidence assigned by the client to the different sources of data.


Petrobras congratulated Geovariances for their live online training

A few weeks ago, our consultants based in France gave a successful 2-day live online training to 12 geoscientists at the University of Petrobras in Brazil.

The course objective was to present the concepts and methods underlying the use of geostatistics for seismic data modeling and uncertainty analysis.

Petrobras employees learned how to use factorial kriging for data quality control, noise filtering or time-to-depth conversion.