Geovariances launches a new service offer for consultancies in the Oil & Gas industry

May 15, 2017

Stand out from your competitors and take your service delivery to a new level with Geovariances exclusive know-how in geostatistics applied to reservoir characterization and modeling


  • Facilitated access to Geovariances software for you and your clients
  • Services from experts in geostatistics applied to your industry
  • Training of your team and your clients with geostatistics
  • Mentoring of your team during projects



  • Increase your scope of services
  • Add value to your services with new expertise
  • Stand out from your competitors


  • Ready to go services
  • Progressive skills transfer and investment according to your activity development
  • Flexible service to best meets your needs


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We provide a-la-carte training, mentoring and/or consulting services in relation to what we know so deeply, geostatistics, to help you build for your client the best reservoir model as it can be.

Indeed, geostatistics provides the most efficient framework to build accurate and reliable static model. The approach is valuable at all steps of the geomodeling process:

  • Structural model
    We take data analysis and quality control further to derive the accurate information you need for improved reservoir understanding and modeling. Geostatistical filtering facilitates velocity picking and improves velocity cubes quality for optimized depth maps.
  • Stratigraphic model
    The lithotype proportion models we build account for trends and help detect better correlated horizons and build precise and realistic reservoir zonation.
  • Sedimentological model
    Our models are conditioned to rock types and take into account global or internal facies trends while analyzing border effects between facies. You are perfectly aware of facies spatial evolution inside the reservoir.
  • Fluid flow model
    We model porosity and permeability trends, even complex. We also use connection information to condition models, which provides further control to static models and let you save time on history matching.
  • Uncertainty assessment at all steps
    Uncertainties are quantified all along the modeling process, from depth maps to volume estimates.


  • Unique expertise based on 30-year experience in applying geostatistics for reservoir characterization and software development
  • Leading technology supported by continuous R&D in partnership with Mines ParisTech Geostatistics Group
  • Versatile team of geostatisticians, geophysicists and reservoir engineers
  • Small structure making response fast


  • Our experts are available to help you bid to tenders
  • We help you marketing the geostatistics approach
  • We promote your company as Geovariances Service Partner
  • We provide you with the technical contents and course materials you need