Our expert geostatisticians will give a lecture at the IFP School

November 21, 2019

Our experts Jean-Marc Chautru and Hélène Binet will give the lecture "Fundamentals of Petroleum Geostatistics" at the IFP School during the Master's Degree "Petroleum Geosciences".

IFP School provides students and young professionals from across the world with master’s or doctoral level training in the fields of energy (oil, gas, petrochemicals, powertrains, new energy technologies).

Within this framework, Jean-Marc Chautru, our Expert Geostatistician and Senior Geoscientist and Hélène Binet, our Senior Geostatistician and Geophysicist, will give a lecture during the Master’s Degree “Fundamentals of Geostatistics” of December 4-6, 2019.

The students will learn about:

  • the concept of spatial covariance and variogram;
  • how to perform a simple QC of data prior to a geostatistical study;
  • the use of kriging and its variants;
  • how to perform a QC of a classical kriging estimate;
  • the use of simulation;

Practical exercises will be with Isatis.neo Petroleum Edition software.

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