The University of Chile uses Isatis.neo for their postgraduate diploma in Geostatistical Evaluation of Deposits

June 8, 2020

The Mining Engineering Department of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Chile launched last week the 2020 edition of their 6-week postgraduate training program in geostatistics applied to mineral resources evaluation. New to this edition is that students will put their newly acquired skills and knowledge into practice with Isatis.neo, Geovariances' latest software solution in geostatistics.

Professor Xavier Emery, who is responsible for the training, explains his choice of Isatis.neo because of the broad range of validated geostatistics tools and methods (basic and advanced) available in an easy-to-use interface. He also mentions Geovariances quality technical support and the possibility for students to continue to use the software in their professional career beyond the training period.

The University of Chile is not the only one to have chosen Isatis.neo to bring students closer to geostatistics practice. The Geostatistics Group from the Geosciences Department of the French school MINES ParisTech is also partnering with Geovariances for its new Mining CFSG, a 5-week postgraduate training program in geostatistics for block modeling and recoverable resource estimation, where students will run Isatis.neo for their projects.

For more information, visit:
the University of Chile website
the CFSG website