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For nearly 40 years, Geovariances has been providing the industry with geostatistics-based professional solutions to address their specific issues.
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Geovariances individualizes geological and grade modeling to boost productivity and reduce ore/waste misclassification

May 31, 2022       Top-ten iron producing company

A top-ten iron producing company sought a solution to produce weekly resource models instead of monthly models to improve their decision process regarding the destination of the mined materials. Geovariances developed automated routines based on Isatis.neo batch and Python coding


Conversion & Uncertainties Workflow: an operational tool for managing uncertainties in depth conversion

November 22, 2019       Neptune Energy
Oil and Gas

"Conversions & Uncertainties Workflow is an operational tool that can eventually add value to our portfolio of prospects thanks to robust, reliable and easy-to-compare methodology. That is really a huge improvement."

Nicolas Nosjean, Project Manager - Senior Geoscientist - Northen Europe/Africa Exploration

Conditional simulations improve confidence in mineral resource classification

May 9, 2018       Top-ten Aluminum producing company

Geovariances recently achieved a study for a top-ten Aluminum producing company which demonstrated that they could perform reliable resource classification with only 75% of the holes they are used to drill, resulting in a money saving of 25% for drilling campaigns.


Drill Hole Spacing Analysis is successfully used for coal resource uncertainty analysis

July 21, 2016       Coal mines

The study demonstrated the possibility of using the kriging variances in drill-hole spacing analysis (DHSA) for SMU uncertainty. That paves the way for an easier integration of the characterization of uncertainty in the decision making process.


Gold Fields approves Geovariances services

Una excelente experiencia trabajar con Geovariances y su equipo de profesionales

January 29, 2016       Gold Fields, Peru

"Fue una excelente experiencia trabajar con Geovariances y su equipo de profesionales, dada su solvencia en estás técnicas de estimación."

Hugo W. Rios, Chief Resource Modeling Geologist