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For nearly 40 years, Geovariances has been providing the industry with geostatistics-based professional solutions to address their specific issues.
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O Isatis.neo ajudou a EuroChem a aumentar os recursos da mina de Serra do Salitre. /// Isatis.neo helped EuroChem increase the resources of Serra do Salitre mine

November 21, 2023       EuroChem

“O recurso mineral de 2023, estimado pelo Isatis.neo, aumentou Life of Mine e o valor dos ativos minerais da EuroChem. /// The 2023 mineral resource, estimated through Isatis.neo, increased Life of Mine and Eurochem's mineral asset value.”

Rodrigo De Andrade Miotto, Specialist Geologist - Mining resources

Isatis.neo aumenta la productividad con un rápido rendimiento y una perfecta integración de batch y Python | Isatis.neo boosts productivity with fast performance and seamless batch and Python integration.

October 24, 2023       GeoEstima

"Con Isatis.neo, usted puede implementar rápidamente flujos de trabajo en proyectos con múltiples dominios y variables a modelar. | With Isatis.neo, you can quickly implement workflows in projects involving multiple domains and variables."

Sergio Igancio Salinas Rozas, Geologist – Geostatistician

Quand les ingénieurs de Ginger BURGEAP veulent optimiser la dépollution d’un site, ils utilisent Kartotrak

July 31, 2023       Ginger BURGEAP
Contaminated Sites

Ginger BURGEAP utilise Kartotrak pour établir les bilans de masse, définir les zones de pollution concentrée ou quantifier les volumes pollués. Les points forts de Kartotrak ? La visualisation en 3D de la contamination, la robustesse des résultats et la rapidité de mise en œuvre.

Juliette Chastanet, Directrice de projet à la Direction des Métiers sur les Sites et Sols Pollués

When Ginger Burgeap engineers want to optimize site remediation, they use Kartotrak

July 31, 2023       Ginger BURGEAP
Contaminated Sites

Ginger BURGEAP uses Kartotrak to establish mass balances, define areas of concentrated pollution, and quantify polluted volumes. Kartotrak's strengths? 3D contamination visualization, robust results, and rapid implementation.

Juliette Chastanet, Project Manager for the Polluted Sites and Soils Division of the Direction des Métiers

Kartotrak is a user-friendly and comprehensive software solution

November 10, 2022       Turkish Energy, Nuclear and Mineral Research Agency (TENMAK)
Nuclear Decommissioning

"Kartotrak is really comprehensive and user-friendly. The many tools the software contains make it particularly relevant for educational purposes. I must admit, I have better understood some concepts while using Kartotrak."

Ali Akgöz, R&D Engineer