Estimation of deleterious quality variables has significantly been improved with Isatis

QG, Australia

Anglo Coal: Successfully Applying Isatis

Geostatistical estimation and risk characterization methodologies may be applied to coal deposits and is an area where significant potential economic benefits may be achieved.

The geostatistical ’tool-kit’ is easily transported to the coal domain without modification. The peculiarities of coal problems lie not in the geostatistics but in understanding the context of the problem properly. For example, the estimation of deleterious quality variables as well as seam thickness can be significantly improved by the application of robust geostatistical approaches.

QG helped Anglo Coal Australia (Brisbane Office) develop an exhaustive case study of selected seams from one of their Queensland coal resource areas using Isatis. Isatis was particularly helpful in comparing geostatistical methods to the more traditional methods used in coal modeling packages and showed the potential financial gains from a better estimation of deleterious quality variables such as ash content.

Isatis is also the platform used by QG to run specific training in linear geostatistics for Anglo Coal Australia’s mine site senior geological managers.