Isatis improves model quality and constitutes a natural extension of reservoir characterization systems

Beicip-Franlab, France
Jean-Marc Chautru
3D reservoir modeling expert, senior geostatistician

Combining the Use of Isatis and the RML

In recent studies conducted in Algeria, Mexico, and Middle East, I have particularly appreciated the direct link between IFP group 3D Modeling package RML and Isatis. It has significantly enhanced productivity by facilitating data transfer, Isatis being now a natural extension of the RML.

Isatis has proven its efficiency and robustness when working with huge models

I often work with grids of several millions of cells, the biggest study dealing with seven stacked grids of about 30 millions of cells each.

With such very big models, calculations are obviously time consuming, and the extensive use of customized journal files and batch procedures has allowed a significant gain in productivity

Indeed, it was possible to automate the calculation process, linking the work on all the grids in a unified journal file which was controlling background computations.

The combined use of Isatis and the RML is a strong benefit for Beicip-Franlab clients, as it allows consultants to get accurate models with a good level of productivity, even when models are big and complex.

Reservoir model with the RML – courtesy of the Institut Français du Pétrole – Beicip-Franlab