The spirit of service and attention to the customer

CEMEX, Mexico
Armando Hernadez Vidriales
Geology Consultant

“So far, support has been excellent, always solve me the problem. I specially remember one day when the software license didn’t work without apparent reason. Following the usual procedure, I sent you the internal computer information, and you answered me that it was not the same information that I have sent before and it rather looked like it was from another computer. I responded that it was the same equipment, and that I didn’t understand the situation. Later, I realize that the computer provided different information if the wireless internet detector was on or off. Anyway, you sent me a new license, and months later, in a very gently way, the Support team┬ácommented to me by mail that we had 2 licenses, then I clarify him the problem with the internet wireless detector.

I was astonished that despite having doubts about our honesty, you did not deny us the service, and never acted aggressively or rudely against us. The spirit of service and attention to the customer was for you more important than the apparent possibility of be being deceived.”