Drill Hole Spacing Analysis | Training course

Master the concepts and practice of drill hole spacing analysis to understand the uncertainties associated with mesh spacing.


Learn to define the relationship between sample spacing and grade uncertainty. The result will help you determine an acceptable drilling mesh based on its uncertainty and the associated production volume. This can be related to the resource classification.


  • Half of the course is devoted to methodological presentations, and the second half to practical exercises to deepen the understanding of concepts. The focus is on illustrations and the practical contribution of the covered concepts.
  • Computer exercises with Isatis.neo Mining Edition.
  • Course material and temporary software license provided.

Who should attend

This course is aimed at professionals who want to understand the theoretical and practical aspects of drilling spacing based on grade uncertainty.

Course content

  • Practical guide to the conditional simulation process using Isatis.neo Mining Edition.
  • Risk and uncertainty assessment using conditional simulations.
  • Creation of virtual drillholes, with different spacing, from reference models.
  • Quantification of grade uncertainty associated with different drill hole spacing.
  • Definition of the ideal grid based on the grade uncertainty associated with each drill hole spacing.
  • Intensive use of batch files.


This course will address advanced geostatistical concepts. For this reason, it is recommended that participants know variography and kriging.