Recoverable Resource Estimation

Be at the forefront of mining geostatistics and learn how to improve your resource estimation with Isatis multivariate non-linear geostatistics



With this advanced course, you will learn how to improve your recoverable resource estimations using non-linear geostatistics.

This course provides reminders about the change of support model (discrete Gaussian model) and its application to:

  • Global recoverable resources estimation,
  • Local recoverable resource estimation by Uniform Conditioning and Localized Uniform Conditioning,
  • Direct block simulations with Turning Bands.

Key Features

  • Fundamental multivariate non-linear geostatistics concepts,
  • Demonstrations and examples using Minestis and Isatis.

Who should attend

Resource and exploration geologists and mining engineers involved in feasibility studies or medium to long term planning.

Course content

  • Reminders of linear Geostatistics
  • Gaussian Anamorphosis
  • Support Correction
  • Information Effect
  • Univariate and Multivariate Uniform Conditioning and Localized Uniform Conditioning
  • Review of the Turning Bands method
  • Direct Block Simulations used in the framework of the Discrete Gaussian Model


Prior knowledge of linear geostatistics is recommended.