Recoverable Resource Estimation

Be at the forefront of mining geostatistics and learn how to estimate recoverable resources and assess the risks of your mining project using Uniform Conditioning and Conditional Simulations.


With this advanced course, you will learn how to compute your recoverable resource estimations using non-linear geostatistics.

This course provides reminders about the change of support model (discrete Gaussian model) and its application to local and global recoverable resource estimation.

Key Features

  • Half of the course is devoted to methodological presentations, the second half to practical computer exercises to deepen the understanding of concepts. Focus is on illustrations and practical contribution of the covered concepts. The course will provide the opportunity to discover and use our new software solution in geostatistics Isatis.neo Mining Edition.
  • Course material provided.

Who should attend

Resource and exploration geologists and mining engineers involved in feasibility studies or medium to long term planning.

Course content

  • Reminders of linear geostatistics
  • Gaussian Anamorphosis
  • Support Correction
  • Information Effect
  • Univariate and Multivariate Uniform Conditioning
  • Localized Uniform Conditioning
  • Conditional Simulations (Turning Bands method)


Prior knowledge of linear geostatistics is recommended.

The course Mineral Resource Estimation covering the fundamental concepts of geostatistics for resource estimation offers an ideal basis for this advanced course.