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The Geostatistics Team from MINES ParisTech and Geovariances partner together in 2022 to offer a new online edition of their Specialized Training Cycle in Geostatistics, known as CFSG, a high-level training program in mining geostatistics.

A Geovariances orgulha-se de organizar um curso dedicado, exclusivamente, ao público universitário feminino.


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Air-Soil-Water... Mining Oil and Gas Subsurface - Hydrogeology

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A Geovariances orgulha-se de ser parceira do Departamento de Engenharia de Minas (DEMIN) da Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul para os cursos de geostatística em 2021.

Geovariances, with the latest version 2020.10 of Isatis.neo, brings the most performing geostatistical simulation algorithm to the market: SPDE. This new approach adds to widely used simulation techniques available today in Isatis.neo,...

With this new version of Isatis.neo, Geovariances continue to implement advanced geostatistical techniques. In particular, we have added Plurigaussian Simulations for facies modeling and developed further a kriging option allowing...