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For 35 years, Geovariances has been providing the industry with geostatistics-based professional solutions to address their specific issues.
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Kartotrak is a user-friendly and comprehensive software solution

November 10, 2022       Turkish Energy, Nuclear and Mineral Research Agency (TENMAK)
Nuclear Decommissioning

"Kartotrak is really comprehensive and user-friendly. The many tools the software contains make it particularly relevant for educational purposes. I must admit, I have better understood some concepts while using Kartotrak."

Ali Akgöz, R&D Engineer

Et si la géostatistique facilitait le travail de l’ingénieur géotechnicien ?

October 21, 2022       Eiffage Génie Civil Marine
Subsurface - Hydrogeology

Dans le cadre d’un test réalisé pour Eiffage Génie Civil, Geovariances a généré un modèle de sous-sol complètement cohérent avec celui généré avec leurs outils habituels, avec en plus pour l'approche géostatistique, rapidité et arguments nécessaires à sa justification.

Yves Puzenat / Mathieu Steckler, Ingénieurs géotechniciens

Isatis.neo: fast migrations, fast estimation, good reporting, validation, and visualization functionality

August 26, 2022       SRK Consulting

"I have used Isatis.neo full on for a big multi-domain multi-element model from compositing to reporting, using gaussian and raw, multiple block sizes, etc. and I’m very impressed. Fast migrations, fast estimation, good reporting, validation, and visualization functionality."

Danny Kentwell, Principal Consultant (Resource Evaluation)

Beckman, Brown and Associates - Isatis.neo Resources Workflow extremely useful and helpful

Isatis.neo Resources Workflow, extremely helpful and quick to produce high-level geostatistical models

August 25, 2022       Beckman, Brown, & Associates

"I found Isatis.neo Resources Workflow extremely useful and helpful. I managed to produce high-level geostatistical models very quickly."

Ashley Brown, Manager, Resource Delineation

Isatis.neo enabled my geostatistics project and helped me to complete it quickly

August 1, 2022      

"Isatis.neo was amazing; it did everything I could think of and prompted me to do things I hadn't thought of. I haven't come across any other geostatistics software which comes close to its functionality."

Matthew Graham-Ellison, Student