Isatis.neo Mining Edition fully replaces Isatis and speeds up processes, long-time Isatis users say

Condor Geostats Services | Sonny Consulting Services
Daniel Guibal | Mike Cunningham
Independent consultants

Geovariances is pleased to bring you a conversation with Daniel Guibal and Michael Cunningham, both long-time users of Isatis, now happy users of Isatis.neo Mining Edition. They recently used the software to provide a new JORC resource estimate of the Ausgold Katanning Gold Project.


Daniel has been a corporate consultant in geostatistics and resources with SRK Consulting for over 20 years and is now an associate consultant. He is also the Principal of Condor Geostats Services. Michael has been a principal consultant in geostatistics and geology wit SRK Consulting for over 12 years (now an associate consultant), and is the Director and Principal Consultant at Sonny Consulting Services. They are both highly skilled in geostatistics and enthusiastic users of Geovariances’ products.

Drawing on their considerable experience, we asked Daniel and Michael for their feedback on Isatis.neo.


Q: What was your reaction when using Isatis.neo for the first time?

Michael: I was facing a deadline and some pressure at the time, but I knew that I had to make the jump and I resisted coming back to Isatis. After just a short period of time, it was fine.

Daniel: It was a culture shock at first, but I found it easy to get used to. I like the new interface.

Q: You told us that Isatis.neo has exceeded your expectations. Can you please explain?

Michael: What we’ve got after two years of development is phenomenal; you captured all of Isatis! I had expected I would need to flip back to Isatis for some tasks. With the Help documentation, which is also brilliant, I realized: most of the things I used to do with Isatis, I can do in Isatis.neo. That was really a pleasant surprise. A tool I especially like is the unit conversion tool. I find it very useful and powerful.

Daniel: As Mike says, I find it impressive to have so many features so quickly. For example, I regularly used Isatis’ morphological functions for resource classification. I was happy to find them in Isatis.neo. And I find kriging very fast, faster than with Isatis. Because the software is more rapid, I have time to run more tests. I find the integrated reporting tool great and easy; I use it a lot to build my reports.

Q: Is Isatis.neo for all levels of users?

Daniel: To me, Isatis.neo can be put in all hands, especially the Resources Workflow. This workflow is perfect for practitioners, speedy. Theoreticians have more precise controls when using Isatis.neo standard menu. I think a day of training is enough to learn to handle Isatis.neo. Its modern interface is great and makes it easy for new users.

Q: What would you say to recommend Isatis.neo to your colleagues?

Daniel: Isatis.neo replaces Isatis. No other software provides all the amount of geostatistics functionalities that Isatis.neo offers; it’s really an advantage.

Michael: I would recommend the Resources Workflow. I find it really, really useful at just speeding things up. When you update drillholes, it automatically recalculates everything. All your variography and geostatistical sets are remembered. it’s fantastic, it dynamically updates everything. You don’t need to do a lot of manual changes like you would do with the old Isatis, where you’d need to reimport and rerun things from scratch to some degree. And I would also mention that subblock estimates are a good new feature.

Thanks Daniel and Mike for taking the time to answer our questions.


More info on Isatis.neo Mining Edition and Resources Workflow here.