Mineral Resource Estimation

Learn the fundamental concepts of geostatistics to estimate your resources confidently


This course is an introductory mining geostatistics course for resource estimation. It is ideal for newcomers to geostatistics or for someone wanting a refresher. It covers in detail variography and kriging (including kriging neighborhood analysis). The use of kriging results for mineral resource classification is also covered.

Key Features

  • Half of the course is devoted to methodological presentations, the second half to practical exercises to deepen the understanding of concepts. Focus is on illustrations and practical contribution of the covered concepts. The course will provide the opportunity to discover and use our new software solution in geostatistics Isatis.neo Mining Edition.
  • Course material provided.

Who should attend

This course is aimed at geologists, engineers and other practioneers seeking a sound theoretical and practical knowledge of mining geostatistics.

Course content

  • An overview of Mineral Resource Estimation procedures
  • The key advantage of integrating geostatistics: why use it?
  • Spatial data analysis: experimental variograms
  • Variogram models
  • The theory and properties of kriging
  • Kriging in practice including Kriging Neighborhood Analysis (KNA) and cross-validation
  • In situ resource estimation
  • Introduction to resource classification (Inferred – Indicated – Measured)


None. This course is an ideal introduction to practical mining geostatistics.
To extend your knowledge, we recommend that you also attend the complementary advanced short course Recoverable Resource Estimation