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Everyone who uses Isatis scripting knows how powerful the tool is. It benefits our principal environmental consultant Claire Faucheux’s work every day. Discover why…

“What I like most about Isatis scripting capabilities, is that they allow me to keep track of all the actions I’ve achieved with the software. When I have to come back to a study, I know immediately which applications I’ve run and which parameters I’ve set. And above all, this is the considerable time they enable me to save because I just need to double click the file name where actions have been stored to replay the same steps but applied to different contaminants or campaigns.”

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Isatis scripting functions allows you to record all your actions into an ASCII file and rerun the scripts later on

There are several ways of taking advantage of Isatis scripting:

  • Record all your actions in a script file and create an audit file to keep track of the full process.
  • Store your parameter settings in a script file to make it possible to check them later on and modify them if needed.
  • Rerun the whole study in a single click while integrating new samples on the fly.
  • Share your scripts with your colleagues to spread your expertise.
  • Automate your workflows by integrating specific loop and ifelse functions in the script file. In this way, for example, you can quickly apply the estimation process which was used for a zone to other zones using identical parameters or modified ones.
  • Combine Isatis with any other software scripting by calling and executing external scripts from Isatis script files (python, R, matlab, octave, shell…).


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