DiscoverMine Radio podcast – Episode 23: An introduction about geostatistics in a mining operation by Marlene Woligroski

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Marlene Woligroski, geologist and business development manager for the Asia Pacific region, has been invited by DiscoverMine Radio to introduce and explain the interests of geostatistics and the benefits offered by our software Isatis.neo.

One of our geologists and business development manager for the Asia Pacific region, Marlene Woligroski, was interviewed by DiscoverMine Radio to present Geovariances as a company offering solutions for mapping, resource estimation, volume estimation, and risk analysis based on applied geostatistics. In this episode, she introduces some geostatistics applications in the mining industry and explains how they can help save money with better estimates.

(00:50) About Miss. Woligroski, and how she landed in Geovariances;
(02:50) Type of market does Geovariances work with;
(03:50) Geostatistic definition in a mining operation;
(06:20) About Isatis.Neo, a geostatistical software by Geovariances;
(09:40) Future of Geovariances.

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For more information, contact Marlene Woligroski, Business Development Manager for the Asia-Pacific region, at