What are recoverable resources? (1/2)

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David Barry, Senior Geostatistician and a Geovariances’ Perth-based consultant, has been invited by Optiro, a resource consulting group, to participate in a podcast about recoverable resource estimation. Listen to the recording and learn what are recoverable resources, how they differ from reserves, and what are the main techniques to compute them. The focus in on Uniform Conditioning. Other possible techniques will be presented in a further podcast.

Geologists need to make predictions about how much can be extracted from an orebody based on limited data. What can you do to confidently report on the likely tonnage and grade? In part one of this two-part series, Senior Geostatistician at Geovariances, David Barry, and Director of Geology at Optiro Ian Glacken discuss recoverable resources and how to apply uniform conditioning. In this episode:

What are recoverable resources?
What is the difference between recoverable and ordinary resources?
Is there a difference between recoverable resources and reserves?
What needs to happen to a recoverable resource to make it into a reserve?
What are the main techniques for recoverable resource estimation?
What is uniform conditioning?
What would a typical uniform conditioning workflow look like?
What are the key assumptions we have to make when performing uniform conditioning?
Does uniform conditioning work for underground mining?
 Where can people find out more about uniform conditioning?




For more information:
– Contact Ian Glacken – Optiro Director of Geology: iglacken@optiro.com
– Contact David Barry – Senior Geostatistician: barry@geovariances.com