Things I’ve done with Python in Isatis.neo

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Discover what our senior geostatistician David Barry does in Isatis.neo with the power of Python scripting.

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A sampling guide for improved nuclear site characterization – H2020 INSIDER

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Learn more about a sampling strategy for improved nuclear site characterization and waste reduction in decommissioning projects. Read the two latest technical articles by Geovariances, in partnership with SCK.CEN and CEA.

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Available in Isatis.neo: an innovative way of classifying mineral resources

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With the “Sampling Density Variance” tool, Isatis.neo offers an innovative methodology allowing robust resource classification, independent from sample number, block size, and domain extension.

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Isatis.neo Resources Workflow can be used for audit and desktop review of Mineral Resource Estimation projects

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Auditing and reviewing a Mineral Resource Estimate either internally or publicly is a multifaceted process for which no software can pretend it will provide all the required tools to tick all the boxes. But some solution will provide better adapted platforms than others. Isatis.neo Resource Workflow falls in that category.

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What are recoverable resources? (2/2)

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David Barry, Senior Geostatistician and a Geovariances’ Perth-based consultant, has been invited by Optiro, a resource consulting group, to participate in a podcast about recoverable resource estimation. Listen to this 2nd recording and learn more about the alternatives to uniform conditioning, such as MIK and conditional simulations, and their pros and cons.

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