What are recoverable resources? (1/2)

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David Barry, Senior Geostatistician and a Geovariances’ Perth-based consultant, has been invited by Optiro, a resource consulting group, to participate in a podcast about recoverable resource estimation. Listen to the recording and learn what are recoverable resources, how they differ from reserves, and what are the main techniques to compute them. The focus in on Uniform Conditioning. Other possible techniques will be presented in a further podcast.

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Optimizing flight-line distance for soil decontamination, application to contaminated Fukushima territories

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IRSN, the French institute for radioprotection and nuclear safety, has been using Geovariances’ software solutions for many years to map radioactive contamination from airborne data. This study, conducted by IRSN and presented at ERPW 2018, demonstrates the influence of the variogram model on the map quality.

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How Geovariances tricks its own software Kartotrak for mapping indoor wifi coverage

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Geovariances used Kartotrak.one to map the wifi coverage inside its premises and verify that the transition to a newer wireless networking transmission method has improved the signal across the office and is justified.

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Uncertainty in Depth Conversion: Why should I care?

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Conversions & Uncertainties Workflow, Geovariances’ new tool for depth conversion, gives the user the means to explore all credible reservoir scenarios. It helps prove or disprove the meaningfully different scenarios obtained from a set of realizations and increase the accuracy of your reservoir model.

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Geostatistics is recommended in international guidelines for contaminated site management

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Benefit from the recognized status of the geostatistics methods. Embrace the official recommendations to earn the trust of your clients.

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